Thursday, February 13, 2014

Remembering Jim Fregosi

Jim Fregosi, the phormer manager of the 1993 NL Champions Philadelphia Phillies has suffered a stroke and was taken off Life Support. Removing life support means removing the machines or other hospital equipment used to prolong a patient's life such as a ventilator and IV lines. When life support is removed, death is often inevitable. The patient may stop breathing and brain death will ensue before the doctor can confirm a person's death. So Fregosi is not dead as of 7:46pm Feburary 13,2014. However, the loss of life support should lead to his death soon. 
With this we here will look back at Fregosi's life in baseball. Fregosi was born in 1942. Drafted in 1960 by the Red Sox and then by the Angels in the expansion draft. Fregosi played a key role with the Angels from his Major League debut to 1972.

Due to injuries the Angels were looking to move Fregosi. This lead to Jim being involved in one of the most lopsided trades in major league history that sent Noylan Ryan from the Mets to the Angels. The rest of Jim's career was uneventful after the trade, making stops in Texas and Pittsburgh as well.

In 1978 Fregosi began his journey as a manager in baseball for the Angels. Fregosi led the Angels to their first division title in their history in 1979. His mark in Angels history led to his number 11 to be retired by the Angels in 1998. 
He also managed the Blue Jays and White Sox in his career. 

However Fregosi's greatest accomplishment came as the manager of the Phillies in 1993. Fregosi led a team of nobody's and veterans to the pennant and coming close to a World Series title. Fregosi's time in Philly came to an end in 1996 after a few dismal seasons post 1993. However, Fregosi will always be remembered by Phillies phans as the man who guided the magical team back in 1993. 

Update: Fregosi died Friday morning at the age of 71, he will truly be missed. 

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