Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The best logos in baseball

A great logo is essential to a baseball team's popularity and maybe even it's success. So, two writers for the Phillies Phamily (Stevie and Nate) decided to go through and pick the best logo for each team in their history. Credit to sportslogos.net, they have any logo you can imagine and is a great website to check out! Feel free to comment on your favorite logos! 

National League 

Arizona Diamondbacks - This was an old school logo they used in 1998. Usually green and purple don't mix but the D'backs make it work perfectly. It's a shame they changed to red and black.

Atlanta Braves - The Braves' script with the tomahawk script is a simple classic. While I don't like the Braves at all, they have a great logo.

Chicago Cubs - I love this logo. The Cubs' C is a classic and the bear cub inside it makes it even better. They used it on their caps in the early 2000's.

Cincinnati Reds - Simple and classy. Exactly what a baseball logo should look like.


Colorado Rockies - There are really only 2 logos to choose from for the Rockies, but this is still a cool logo. The purple mountains in the background is just plain awesome.

LA Dodgers - The Dodgers' script is the best in the world, simple as that. It's what I imagine God's handwriting looks like.

Miami Marlins - Like the Rockies, there aren't a whole lot of logos to choose from. However, there was a lot of disagreement between which logo is less ugly. We finally settled with this one.

Milwaukee Brewers - This is gotta be the best logo ever. It's so simple (just a glove) but also so complex (the m and b hidden in the glove). Plus the yellow and blue together are simply majestic. We really wished the Brewers would dump their current logo and go back to this.

New York Mets - Of course we hate the Mets, but we love their logo. The bridge and city skyline inside a baseball is genius.

Philadelphia Phillies - The current Phillies have a great logo. It captures America and Philadelphia's history while still giving the team an awesome logo.

Pittsburgh Pirates - The Pirates used this as their primary logo until last year. While the logo they use now is nice (the p) this one is just a bit more...intimidating.

San Diego Padres - This one caused some debate. The Padres don't have one specific logo that blows you away, so we ended up on their current logo.

San Francisco Giants - The Giants have a simple and classy SF to show off their city.

St. Louis Cardinals  - The Cardinals have such a great logo now, it's hard to go against that. They also have the best jerseys in baseball.

Washington Nationals - The Nationals don't really have a good logo, so we went with the Expos logo as the best logo for their franchise.

American League

Baltimore Orioles - The Orioles went back to a retro logo a few years ago and it was a fantastic decision. The Cartoon Bird is simply awesome!

Boston Red Sox - The Boston B is almost as recognizable as the Yankees NY. The B logo just barely beat out the pair of socks they use as their primary logo now, which is another great logo.

Chicago White Sox - The White Sox, like the Padres, don't really have a great logo, so we had to settle with this.

(At least they aren't as bad as their shorts and collared shirts)

Cleveland Indians - This logo has sparked some controversy. I don't get why, I like it. So, that's why it's the best logo in Indians history.

Detroit Tigers - The Tigers might have the 2nd best script in baseball (behind the Dodgers of course). The D with a Tiger in it comes in a close 2nd place.

Houston Astros - The Astros move to the American League last year prompted a logo and jersey change. While the old ones were nice, these are even better. And it's a good thing too, cause they kinda stink...

Kansas City Royals - The Royals have a nice current logo, and their script looks very similar to the Dodgers, so it must be good.

LA Angels - The current A logo is classy, and the halo on top is a nice touch.

Minnesota Twins - The TC, which stands for Twin Cities, is another classy example of teams that
use their initials as their logo (see: Yankees, Mets, Giants).

New York Yankees - No explanation needed. Simply a classic (even though we hate them).

Oakland A's - The A's alternate logo (which dates back to the Connie Mack era) is awesome. The Elephant was made the A's mascot due to John McGraw calling Connie Mack and the A's  big fat elephants. As a comeback to this statement the A's made the elephant a part if the logo as well as their mascot . P

Seattle Mariners - The Mariners' cap logo is simple, yet still represents their name well.

Tampa Bay Rays - The Rays (back when they were known as the Devil Rays) had a great logo. Some teams, cough cough Miami Marlins, need to learn how to use a rainbow in their logo like the Devil Rays did.

Texas Rangers - The Rangers might have the most lackluster collections of logos in baseball, along with the Padres and White Sox. The best they could come up with was in the 80's.

Toronto Blue Jays - Like the Orioles, the Blue Jays went back to a retro logo as their primary logo and it was a great decision. Everything about this logo is fantastic.

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