Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Late Phillies Holiday Sale Recap

On December 7th I trecked down to Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies annual Holiday Sale. This was my first time there so I didn't know what to expect. It was cold but, thankfully the crowd was not too big so I got into the clubhouse store pretty fast. The first move I made after entering was to head over to the Phillies Publications section of the sale. They offered old Phillies publications, DVDs, and other items that wouldnt really fit in with the Game Used section in the Hall of Fame Club.
These programs helped fill the gap of all the postseason programs that I missed for the Phillies from 2007-2011. These and the other pickups here didn't run more than $25. Then later I picked up an old Phillies Phan Photo set from maybe the best Phillies team ever assembled for $15 which is a great price considering they usually are sold for $35-40. 

After that I headed up to the Game Used section of the sale in the Hall of Fame club. But, I missed out on some great items due to not being at the very beginning of the line. However I still made out with some nice pickups. Beginning with 2 sets of signed photo cards for $2. I definitely had some great pulls making this the 1st or 2nd best deal of the day. I got Hunter Pence, Mike Young, Charlie Manuel (2x), Vance Worley, J.C. Romero, Ryan Madson, Sam Perlazzo, Greg Gross and Ross Gload. The good autos definitely make up for the bad ones. 

After that I bought some of the plush signed baseballs at $1 each. They limited you to 5 per person and you had to grab them randomly out of a large box. I had some nice pulls with Roy Oswalt, Mike Young, Charlie Manuel (Sale seemed over saturated with his stuff), Joe Blanton and Chad Durbin. A nice pull considering i got 3 wsc and 2 all star players autographs for the low price of $5
 The next group of items I purchased was these signed ALS photo frames. I'm not really sure what these were for specifically but for $5 each I couldn't pass it up especially because of the Jim Thome autograph. This is due to being a Thome super collector because it was Thome's signing in 2003 that switched me from a diehard Eagles fan to a diehard Phillies phan. Plus, Jim is a very classy guy who is a great role model for anyone. 
Finally we enter the best part of the sale in my opinion. The game used/issued jerseys. My first pickup was this blank team issued road jersey from the 2009 World Series for $40 which is a steal due to authentic jerseys retailing for about $200. This acquisition gives me more 2009 World Series items than 2008 World Series items. However this wasn't the only jersey I picked up.

The last pickup of the day was a Josh Lindblom game issued jersey for $40. Josh was the best player who was left that I could have purchased and I am hoping to see him bounce back with the Oakland A's in 2014. Josh if you remember was acquired in the Shane Victorino trade in 2012 from the dodgers along with Ethan Martin and Stefan Jarrin. Lindblom coukdnt find the dominance he had in LA after coming from Philly. So, he was traded to Texas for Mike Young and cash which makes the 1st deal look not so bad. Still a good pickup for $40 but I wouldn't really pay much more than that.

That's a wrap on what I acquired from the Holiday Sale. Hopefully this Saturday I will be able to make it down to the Authentics Sale. Check our Twitter @philsphamily for updates. 

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