Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The All Time Phillies Postseason

Here at Phillies Phamily we are feeling the postseason blues. So, we have created a bracket of the top 16 Phillies teams of All time, in our opinion.They were ranked in this order- 1980,2008,1993,2009,1915,1950,1983,2011,1976,2010,1977,2007,1978,1964,1899,and 2005. We have already completed round one using whatifsports.com. As we had 1980 beat 2005 in 5 games. Then, 2011 beat 1976 in 6 games. Next, 1978 pulled off the upset by beating 2009 in five games. But, the biggest shocker was when 2007 beat 1915 in six. It took 2008 six games to dispose of 1899.1993 disposed of 1964 in five. But, the best series was when 1950 beat 1977 in seven. If you would like to check the scores, you can click the link here. http://challonge.com/topphillies Box scores will also be posted for the next rounds of playoffs. We will be completing the semi finals soon.

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