Saturday, September 21, 2013

The End of the summer

Tomorrow is basically the end of the summer. Due to the final game for the Phillies at home. For me I always have associated summer with baseball and vice versa. But this summer is one I would like to forget. Due to the Phillies up and mostly down season for the team filled with such high hopes to rebound from an 81-81 finish last year. This was a team that lost their will to win after the all star break. Right when we thought they were gonna turn it around after the series with the White Sox, but then they hit a hellish road trip. The tumble resulted in the Firing of Charlie Manuel. But, since this Ryne Sandburg has lead the club to a winning record, thus rejuvenating the team. Hopefully Sandburg will help the team in this year and beyond. FYI- We will be at tomorrow's game so tweet us if you wanna @philsphamily.

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