Saturday, September 21, 2013

The End of the summer

Tomorrow is basically the end of the summer. Due to the final game for the Phillies at home. For me I always have associated summer with baseball and vice versa. But this summer is one I would like to forget. Due to the Phillies up and mostly down season for the team filled with such high hopes to rebound from an 81-81 finish last year. This was a team that lost their will to win after the all star break. Right when we thought they were gonna turn it around after the series with the White Sox, but then they hit a hellish road trip. The tumble resulted in the Firing of Charlie Manuel. But, since this Ryne Sandburg has lead the club to a winning record, thus rejuvenating the team. Hopefully Sandburg will help the team in this year and beyond. FYI- We will be at tomorrow's game so tweet us if you wanna @philsphamily.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A look towards the Future

With the 2013 season almost over for the Phillies, the team will look towards to the future. With a mix of a few prospects who can make an impact and a few veterans that have solidified the place in the town, the team has a few choices for next year. The problem of inconsistent starting pitching could be solved with recently signed Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez and prospect Adam Morgan. There could be another arm as the mix as who knows who will be in the rotation next year. The only guaranteed players in the rotation are Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. Who knows what Ruben will do with Halladay or Kendrick for next year. Kendrick should be returning while John Lannan will probably not return. Thus opening the door for Miguel Gonzalez, Jon Pettibone, Ethan Martin or Adam Morgan to claim a spot in the rotation. But, someone else could suprise us and take a spot in the rotation. But the main focus this offseason should be our bullpen.

This year our bullpen has been a mess, with veterans and younger players not being able to get the job done. You know you have a problem when 17 guys have appeared in the 'pen for the team. The team can't have this happen again in order to be successful. They need to get some veterans in there to teach the young guys the keys to becoming successful mlb pitchers. But, at the same time we can't be signing guys like Chad Durbin and Chad Qualls. Even if we don't get all the veteran guys we need, the team has an improved Jake Diekman, a returning Antonio Bastardo and Mine Adams. Overall, more bullpen help is better for the team on a whole. Another area that needs help is who will be our catcher next year. 

The main question for the team entering the offseason position player wise is, who will be our catcher next year? The first option is to resign Chooch. But, this likely will not happen. The best option for the team is to try to sign Brian McCann via free agency. He will give a much needed boost for a decent offense. Another option is recently called up Camron Rupp or even Sebastian Valle. No matter who we sign, we need to get an upgrade from Chooch's typical offensive production. The final question mark is who will be our position players next year. 

Looking towards next year the only set players on the phillies are Utley, Rollins, Howard, Brown and Revere. There's a question mark at 3rd and in rightfield. At third Cody Asche seems like he will start next year but, Mikael Franco's superb season this year might lead the Phillies brass to reconsider who will be our third baseman next year. Ever since Jason Werth left Philadelphia, there has been a gaping hole in rightfield. But, it seems like Darin Ruf could start next year. But, Cesar Hernandez could start in the outfield somewhere, fulfilling the adage if a guy can hit they will find a place for them in the field. It shouldn't matter how Cesar can field looking that we signed players like Delmon Young in years past. Hopefully next years team will be better than the 2013 edition of the team.