Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trade Deadline Update

It's still a mystery what the Phillies will do with the Trade Deadline 24 hours away. Michael Young and Cliff Lee are the 2 most likely trade candidates, and it is possible that both could be traded to the Boston Red Sox for their top prospect, Xander Bogaerts along with some other prospects. In order to trade Cliff, the Phillies would have to be overwhelmed with an amazing deal. I think they should only trade Cliff if they only get a great deal, which it looks like that is what they'll do. With Michael Young, it's much more complicated. Young has a full no trade clause and rumors have it that he'd only accept a trade to the Texas Rangers. Right now there are no rumors that the Rangers and Phillies have a deal in place for Young. GM Ruben Amaro says there is only a "remote" possibility that Young will be traded. I hope the Phillies find a spot for Young to land so we can get some prospects and also so that the recently called up Cody Asche has a chance to develop in the Majors. I'd also love to see the Phillies trade closer Jonathan Papelbon, but that looks unlikely at this point, especially with the Tigers acquisition of Jose Veras on Monday. 3 players that Amaro has said will not be traded are Dom Brown, Chase Utley, and Cole Hamels. Anyone else is fair game. These next 24 hours should be intriguing. For up to the minute news on trade rumors visit mlbtraderumors.com

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