Thursday, July 18, 2013

Losing Everything

                The Phillies begin the unofficial second half of the season Friday at Citi Field. But the team may not continue their recent success. With Ben Revere going down for a while, upcoming series’ against the Cardinals and Tigers, and the tornado of trade rumors will not stop swirling.
                Ben Revere was having the best couple months of his career. Towards the end of May and the beginning of June he began to get more hits and steal more bases. After May 18 he stole 15 bases and his average rose from .237 up to .305. This came to an abrupt stop when he fouled a ball off of his foot July 13th during the first game of the double header against the Chicago White Sox.
                Losing the most consistent hitter on the team recently won’t help the Phillies beat their next 5 opponents. The Phillies play the Mets, Cardinals, Tigers, Giants, and Braves in that order. This is a stretch that can decide the fate of the Phillies. The series’ against the Mets, Cardinals, and Tigers will be Ruben Amaro’s final time to judge the team. He will need to find the best deals for the team and begin to sell.

                If he decides not to sell it would be a disastrous move for the team. Staying where they are now and buying are ways to move backwards. If Amaro Jr. decides to keep the team he has now going forward he is missing a huge opportunity. The players this team has are aging. The next time this team could possibly make a World Series run is a few years away. Players such as Michael Young, Carlos Ruiz, Cliff Lee, and Jonathan Papelbon will be out of their prime or even further out of their prime. These players trade value will not be increasing. They need to be traded for prospects to build around the few pieces they already have. Ruben Amaro Jr. needs to make the right decision or we could be losing everything.

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  1. They shouldn't sell. The prospects they would get in return for Michael Young, Chase Utley and Carlos Ruiz wouldn't be good since they would be rental players. I think Amaro should just let the next few series decide whether or not they should buy or sell. If they are 6 games behind or less, they should go for the playoffs.

  2. What leads you to believe that the Phillies could win the World Series. That is your goal and with this team, you can't do that.