Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trade Deadline Update

It's still a mystery what the Phillies will do with the Trade Deadline 24 hours away. Michael Young and Cliff Lee are the 2 most likely trade candidates, and it is possible that both could be traded to the Boston Red Sox for their top prospect, Xander Bogaerts along with some other prospects. In order to trade Cliff, the Phillies would have to be overwhelmed with an amazing deal. I think they should only trade Cliff if they only get a great deal, which it looks like that is what they'll do. With Michael Young, it's much more complicated. Young has a full no trade clause and rumors have it that he'd only accept a trade to the Texas Rangers. Right now there are no rumors that the Rangers and Phillies have a deal in place for Young. GM Ruben Amaro says there is only a "remote" possibility that Young will be traded. I hope the Phillies find a spot for Young to land so we can get some prospects and also so that the recently called up Cody Asche has a chance to develop in the Majors. I'd also love to see the Phillies trade closer Jonathan Papelbon, but that looks unlikely at this point, especially with the Tigers acquisition of Jose Veras on Monday. 3 players that Amaro has said will not be traded are Dom Brown, Chase Utley, and Cole Hamels. Anyone else is fair game. These next 24 hours should be intriguing. For up to the minute news on trade rumors visit

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Phillies will be sellers

Today it was reported by ESPN's Buster Olney that the Phillies will be sellers at the deadline. He tweeted:
"@Buster_ESPN: PHI has reached out to other teams to let other teams know that players are available, including Michael Young. Cliff Lee not on the list." 
The good news is that Lee will probably stay in town and Ruben is making the smart move by trading veterans for prospects that can help us in the future. But, the team is looking for a total rebuild, if that was the case Cliff Lee would be on the trading block. But, we do not know if fan favorites Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Carlos Ruiz are on the block or not. Utley probably will not be traded because of how both sides want to stay in Philly and they are working on a contract extension. Odds are they are on the trading block. But, don't expect a trade today as Ruben has made most of his moves on the 29th. Considering this we could've seen the last of some players in red pinstripes. Especially since the very poor showing the team has given on this road trip.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Strange but True Facts

If we told you these facts before the season started, would you believe it?
All stats are accurate as of July 21, 2013

What if I told you that...

1. Bartolo Colon would be tied for the most wins in the Majors.
2. Bartolo Colon would have a lower WHIP than Felix Hernandez and Stephen Strasburg.
3. Matt Carpenter has the 5th highest average in baseball.
4. Raul Ibanez has as many homeruns as Chase Utley and Ryan Howard combined.
5. Raul Ibanez has more homeruns than any Phillie other than Domonic Brown.
6. Matt Cain, the winning pitcher in the 2012 All Star Game, has the 86th lowest ERA in baseball.
7. 2 of the 3 pitchers with the lowest ERA are rookies. (Locke, Harvey)
8. Jim Johnson leads the Majors in saves and in blown saves.
9. A team had a player hit for the cycle...and still lost.
10. The same team only gave up 1 hit in a game... and still lost 4-2.
11. That team was the Astros.
12. R.A. Dickey, last year’s NL Cy Young, is 8-11 with a 4.75 ERA.
13. Chris Davis would be leading the majors in Home Runs.
14. Former Phillie Joe Blanton didn’t get a win until May 23.
15. Joe Blanton and Cole Hamels both lead the majors in losses. (12)
16. The Nationals, the preseason World Series favorites, would have a team average of .240
17. The Pirates are 57-39, yet they have a team average of .243
18. Pirates Closer Jason Grilli would be leading the NL in saves.
19. The defending champion Giants would be 45-52, yet are only 5.5 games out of the division lead.
20. The Cubs aren’t in last place.
21. The Los Angeles Angels would have a losing record at the All-Star break.
22. At one point, every team in the AL East was over .500 (June 26)
23. The Astros, Cubs, and Mets have been in first place more days this year than the Phillies.
24. Yasiel Puig has more hits than All Star starter Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Jason Heyward, and BJ Upton
25. Evan Gattis would be leading rookies in home runs (14) at the All-Star break.
26. BJ Upton has played more games (84) than he has total bases (83).
27. Barry Zito has a 2.45 ERA at home; on the road his ERA is 9.89.
28. After Justin Upton hit 12 homeruns in April he would only hit 4 more from May until the All-Star break.
29. Domonic Brown has played in all but one of this years Phillies games.
30. Domonic Brown would hit 12 home runs in the month of May.

Written by Nate Borrmann and Stevie Taylor

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Losing Everything

                The Phillies begin the unofficial second half of the season Friday at Citi Field. But the team may not continue their recent success. With Ben Revere going down for a while, upcoming series’ against the Cardinals and Tigers, and the tornado of trade rumors will not stop swirling.
                Ben Revere was having the best couple months of his career. Towards the end of May and the beginning of June he began to get more hits and steal more bases. After May 18 he stole 15 bases and his average rose from .237 up to .305. This came to an abrupt stop when he fouled a ball off of his foot July 13th during the first game of the double header against the Chicago White Sox.
                Losing the most consistent hitter on the team recently won’t help the Phillies beat their next 5 opponents. The Phillies play the Mets, Cardinals, Tigers, Giants, and Braves in that order. This is a stretch that can decide the fate of the Phillies. The series’ against the Mets, Cardinals, and Tigers will be Ruben Amaro’s final time to judge the team. He will need to find the best deals for the team and begin to sell.

                If he decides not to sell it would be a disastrous move for the team. Staying where they are now and buying are ways to move backwards. If Amaro Jr. decides to keep the team he has now going forward he is missing a huge opportunity. The players this team has are aging. The next time this team could possibly make a World Series run is a few years away. Players such as Michael Young, Carlos Ruiz, Cliff Lee, and Jonathan Papelbon will be out of their prime or even further out of their prime. These players trade value will not be increasing. They need to be traded for prospects to build around the few pieces they already have. Ruben Amaro Jr. needs to make the right decision or we could be losing everything.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Phillies have a great chance of making the Postseason

This year at the All Star Break the Phillies are at .500 with a record of 48-48. This has them 5.5 games out of the division lead and 5.5 games out of the wildcard. This can be expected of the Team with the amount of injuries and a horrible bullpen. But, this slow start has been the case for the past few years. With Charlie Manuel, the team is not historically good in the first half. In Charlie’s eight seasons the team is 335-313 in the first half of the season. This adds up to a .517 winning percentage. For, example last year we were 42-54 at this point in the season. The team was 10.5 games out of the wild card and 14 games out of the division. At this point we were last place in the division with the eighth worst record in the league. We had half of a percent chance of making the post season. By the end of the year we were only seven games back from the postseason.
This year we have a 6.3% chance of making the postseason while the Nationals, who are a half a game ahead of us in the standings, have a 21.6% chance of making the playoffs. We are playing better than the Nationals, so we should both have the same chance to make it to the postseason. Or maybe the MLB is just obsessed with Harper and think he will lead the Nats to the postseason. I don't care what the critics say. We have the same chances as Washington, maybe even better chances to make a run at the postseason. Especially, when you look at the team’s record in the second half. With Charlie Manuel, the team is 392-256. This is an amazing .605 winning percentage. This results into an average 49-32 record. But, out of the past 3 of 4 years the team has won more than 50 games. Looking at this the team can finish with 90 plus wins if they get a good run going. At the All Star Game we are fifteen games past the half way point. At 81 games our record was 39-42. The improvement in play is starting to show with the teams record in the last ten games of 7-3. Get ready Phillies phans, this team is not ready to give up and sell off the older players. Look for then to add a few bullpen arms and an outfielder at the trade deadline. This could mean a return of Hunter Pence to Philly. Lets get ready for the two and a half months of baseball we have left

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kendrick cruises to his 8th win

On a night where fireworks occurred after the game, the Phillies edged the Nationals for a 3-1 victory. But, it wasn't without minor bumps along the way. This included Chase Utley's 1st career game with 3 errors. But, it always seemed that the Phillies would find away out of the situation. This included Dom Brown gunning down Bryce Harper at home. Still, the Nationals scored a run on a sac fly by Ryan Zimmerman. The Phils took the lead in the 7th with a clutch RBI double by Kevin Frandsen. The next inning Mike Young padded the lead in the 8th with an infield single. The door was shit in the 9th by Papelbon to earn his 20th save on the year. This gives the Phils a series win over the Nationals, winning 3 out of 4 games.

 They start an interleague series with the Chicago White Sox tomorrow. Tomorrow's game has Jonathan Pettibone vs.Jonathan Danks. With Ruben Amaro Jr considering  the team buyers, they need to win this series in order to cement themselves as buyers in the market and hopefully make a push for the Playoffs.   
In other news the Phillies Phamily lucky gnome has a 2-0 record this season.