Thursday, June 27, 2013

To Trade Or Not to Trade?

As we stand today June 27th at the beginning of a 10 o'clock game vs the Dodgers the Phillies are at 38-41 and 7 games back of the Braves. The trade deadline is almost a month away and the trade rumors are heating up. If the team improves the possibility to acquire more players is very possible. But, if the team plays like it has for most of the season then, they will be sellers. Their biggest trade chips right now are Cliff Lee and Johnathan Papelbon. But, it is very unlikely to see these guys go unless they get a huge return. This would not be the smartest decision as the team would need these players to make a run for the playoffs in the next few years. This teams ownership group will not let this era of success end so suddenly. Its more likely that the team will trade fan-favorites Carlos Ruiz and Chase Utley. Another few trade options are Michael Young, Delmon Young or Ryan Howard. Trading Howard will only occur if an AL team really needs a first baseman and is willing to accept the contract, yes we're looking at you New York Yankees. But, odds are that no one wants Howard, who hasn't regained his MVP form after his injury during game 5 of the 2011 NLDS. But, there have been reports of Yankees scouts at Phillies games. They could also be interested in Chase Utley, Carlos Ruiz and Mike Young. They have been hampered with injuries and will do anything and everything to win. But, if Utley is traded there will be tons of negative reaction from the Phillies Phaithful. Mike Young has a limited no-trade clause and probably will not be traded because of this. Trading Ruiz would be bad but, it would be the best option for the team. With two young catchers in Tommy Joesph and Sebastian Valle that could help the team save on salary while providing a great 1-2 punch behind the plate. The one thing the team will miss from Ruiz is his management of the pitching staff. Many of our starters and relievers credit him for helping them for their success. The only player that would not be a major problem trading is Delmon Young. He is a great fit for any team that needs a DH despite his anger issues. Last year he was awarded the 2012 ALCS MVP. Any team would not consider a player of his caliber due to his big bat that he can bring to their lineup. Delmon does not belong on the Phillies, he cannot field and his average is too low. The only upsides are that he can hit home runs and his contract is very low risk. It would be better to trade Young only if the return is good enough to justify the trade. Tomorrow we will discuss the Phillies needs to make a run for the postseason.

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