Saturday, June 8, 2013

2013 Phillies Draft Discussion

The Phillies concluded the 2013 MLB First Year Player Draft on Saturday. In all, they drafted 41 players, 23 of them pitchers and the other 18 are position players. Writers of the blog Nate and Stevie will discuss what they think of the draft and how it will affect the organization in the future.

Stevie: So the draft is over. Their first pick was JP Crawford, a high school shortstop who the Phils hope can someday be Jimmy Rollins’ replacement. Nate, what do you think of this pick?
Nate: Well Stevie, JP is the cousin of Carl Crawford and JP attended the same highschool as the Phillies first draft pick last year, Shane Watson. This pick frightens me because I can see him becoming a Freddy Galvis type player.
S: Yeah, I could see that happening. JP is a very strong defensive player but not as strong at the plate. Hopefully he will develop in the minors and increase his hitting ability. He committed to play baseball at USC, so hopefully that won’t be an issue in signing him. If he goes to USC then this would be a waste of a 1st round pick.
N: I agree 100%. The Phillies should have gone a different direction with their first pick and taken a college junior. Either Jacksonville University’s Chris Anderson or Gonzaga’s Marco Gonzales.
S: Yeah, I’m not sure the Phillies are 100% sold on Crawford either. I say that because with their 4th pick they drafted another shortstop, Jan Hernandez out of the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy in Puerto Rico. They drafted Hernandez either because A) they don’t have confidence in Crawford or B) because they plan on moving Hernandez to 3rd base. I like Hernandez better than Crawford anyway. He’s better offensively and we all know that’s what the Philles have been struggling with lately.
N: Even if Hernandez doesn’t come up immediately he will surely be a help in the future. Any player that is well-built, has good bat speed, and good hands could help any team.
S: There is one interesting thing about Hernandez. If they plan on moving him to 3rd base, there could be a competition between him and Cody Asche.
N: Asche is almost ready for the big leagues and Hernandez is only 18 so i would say in the Phillies corrupt minor league system he will be up in 5 years.
S: Well we will have to wait and see. I think the best pick was their 3rd pick, Cord Sandberg. With a name like that, how could he not be good?
N: I like him too. He is one of the Phillies better picks. He also plays football and dual sport athletes are all the rave now. Stemming from that he has a big athletic body who some compare to Josh Hamilton. Another thing to like about Cord is that he has already signed with the Phillies which negates his chance to play quarterback at Mississippi State University.
S: Sandberg has a chance to be a power hitter which could be huge for the Phillies. One of the biggest surprises was that they didn’t draft a pitcher until their 6th pick. This draft was one that was pitching rich so it was a bit surprising. However, the pitcher they picked, Ben Holmes, comes out of Oregon State and while he’s no ace, could be a solid #2 or 3 starter some day.
N: Holmes, not a power pitcher, has good command and movement. I see this selection as a hit or miss. Holmes doesn’t have dominating stuff but if he is nurtured and taught he could become a solid starting pitcher.
S: I agree. His scouting report reminds me of Jonathan Pettibone, not dominating but consistent. Holmes has the best chance out of the pitchers they selected because most of the pitchers were selected on the final day of the draft.
N: Pettibone has given the Phillies a chance to win every time he toed the rubber. This is a very good characteristic to have as a pitcher. Another pitcher I like and you do too is Denton Keys out of Rye High School.
S: I do, the 331st pick had an insane senior year. He threw 4 no hitters, 1 of them a perfecto, owned an absurd 0.15 ERA, and struck out an incredible 115 batters in only 45.2 innings.The only problem is that he committed to play baseball for Kansas University so he will have to make a decision who to play for. Also, his mechanics aren’t the greatest, which is a concern.
N: You cannot teach what he has though his high 80's low 90's fastball has great movement and mechanics are something which can be worked on.
S: That’s very true. Another guy I like is Logan Pierce out of Troy University. Pierce was taken in the 15th round. He is a consistent hitter with averages of .364 and .351 the last two seasons. He’s not a power guy, but could be a Michael Young type player...well what Young was when he was younger.
N: (laughs) You need guys who can get on base and those who drive them home.
S: Someone who could be driving Pierce in later on is the Phillies 2nd pick, catcher Andrew Knapp. The scouting report on him is that he is an offensive catcher. He can hit for average and power. However, he is not very athletic behind the plate and could be a defensive issue. Reading that reminds me of Mike Piazza, a guy who was an all-star hitter but was terrible behind the dish.
N: Knapp’s report says he could turn into a good offensive catcher. However if his defense doesn’t improve I wouldn’t mind seeing him move to a corner outfield or infield position. Only time will tell.
S: The Phillies drafted another catcher with their 5th pick. Jake Sweaney is a multi-sport athlete, a common theme in this draft. He could be an impact player at the Majors, but the Phillies will have to work with him a lot to get there.
N: He has a compact swing and if he could generate power like scouts say he can develop, the Phillies will have a traffic jam at position number 2.
S: Catchers are a premium position in baseball so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  
N: Knapp’s report talks about a potential position change so that is one thing that can be dealt with quickly.
S: I don’t mind the Phillies looking for offense first. Most of their top prospects are pitchers. It seems that in this draft they focused directly on the left side of the infield by drafting Crawford, Hernandez, and Trey Williams, who we haven’t even mentioned until now.
N: Trey Williams attended College of the Canyons which is a Junior College in California. He is the son of former big leaguer Eddie Williams and has strong baseball instincts along with a power swing.
S: Yeah I like this kid. He was drafted last year in the 11th round by St. Louis but didn't sign. After a year of junior college I think he’s ready to make a splash in the Phillies minor league system.
N: The Phillies also drafted Craig Biggio’s son Cavan. Was this pick out of meritocracy or is he just Craig’s kid.
S: Wow I’m impressed with the vocab Nate. Biggio does have potential. He can hit well and has some power. The big question is where will he play in the field. Right now the best guess is 2nd base, but the Phils have plenty of time to figure it out. I don’t expect him to be as good as his pop, but he could be a decent player.
N: Yeah, overall there are a lot of things to be optimistic about in this draft. This can be said for all teams. All that matters is what takes place inside the lines.
S: Drafts can never be judged right after they happen. We’ll have to wait a few years to see how it pans out.
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    Suggest you "draft" another compatriot on your site that wouldn't agree with you so much. Hopefully that person would PUSH YOU a bit deeper into all the other possibilities re all of this.
    This is the thinking of an old man who doesn't know very much re these matters.