Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Chase Utley Effect

Last Night Phillies fans learned that Chase Utley would join an expanding Disabled List. His injury leaves a hole in the teams lineup that is hard to replace. But, Chase's attitude and drive to play the game are irreplaceable pieces of this club. Chase is a great leader and an all-star caliber player.

From 2010-2012 Chase's career was interrupted with Knee issues one way or another. This year, in an effort to return to his former glory, Chase began using a rigorous workout that ensures his knees would stay healthy. This seemed to light a spark to Chase as he began to show the skill that made him an all star. Now, he is out 2-4 weeks with a strained oblique.

Before the injury and after 44 games His performance was a big help to a team that can't generate much offense. With a .272 batting average, 7 homeruns, 25 RBI's and a .339 On Base Percentage. Saying he helped our offense is an understatement. He was the guy that could start rallies from the 3 or 4 spot in the lineup. Chase's defense has been superb as usual this year. His plays have saved the team runs multiple times in his career. The best example being his fake throw during game 5 of the 2008 World Series.

With Utley's injury the Phils lose a great leader and player. But, now is the time for Freddy Galvis to show he has what it takes to be in the majors. 

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